Chimériades IV

Programme de la convention

Convention program

Convention program


5 PM: Gates opening
Chimeriades has not really started yet, but the team is already here to welcome you.

7 PM: Opening ceremony
The guests of honor are here. So are you. It is time to bring the Chimera back to life.

7.30 PM - 11 PM: Dinner time
The well-known Chimeriades cooks have prepared a frenzy of french food. Now you know why you came to France.

8 PM - late in the night: Lames du Cardinal freeform

8.30 PM: Roleplaying games
It is time for a night of intense gaming.


10.30 AM - 12.00 : Boardgame with... Charlie Krank
A big fan of boardgames, Charlie invites you to discover his favorites. Coffee required.

10.30 AM - 11.30 AM: Coffee with... Robin Laws
For his games Robin designs rules and features that let players almost magically create story experiences simply by playing the game. In this workshop Robin will discuss the central role of conflict in a story and how it drives narration. He will examine the critical importance of meaningful failure and how it is needed to create believable suspense. Drawing heavily on examples of HeroQuest and Hillfolk, Robin will teach you how to add more story and fun to your games.

11.30 AM - 0.30 PM: One hour with... Pierre Pevel
The Cardinal's blades : from the novel to the Rolepaying game, Pierre will talk about the different steps of the adaptation, alongside the authors, the illustrator and the editor of the game.

0.30 PM - 1.30 PM: Glorantha... myth et magic
The runelords of Glorantha, Jeff Richard and Robin Laws, welcome you in their Great Hall of gaming. While the ultimate Guide to Glorantha comes closer and closer, the adepts will gather around the Chimeriades wyter and pay homage to the scholars of this wonderful world.

1.30 PM - 6.30 PM: Roleplaying games

6.30 - 7.30 PM: GM Troubleshooting with Robin D. Laws
All panels, seminars, talks and workshops of Robin D. Laws at conventions eventually mutate into this beast, so let's grab it by the tentacles. Bring your GMing troubles, pains and woes to Dr. Laws and he will prescribe you efficient remedies. Since he is an experienced and revered specialist in the obscure art of Gamemastering you don't have to expect excessive amounts of pain.

6.30 - 11 PM: Dinner

7.30 - 8.30 PM: The Calling from the depths...with Charlie Krank
Call of Cthulhu has been a very popular game on both sides of the Atlantic ocean. Good news: we welcome the US and French editors of the game. Let's do a family gathering. With Editions Sans Détour.

8.30 PM: Roleplaying games
It is time AGAIN for a night of intense gaming.


10.30 AM - 11.30 AM: crowdfunding, public and RPG
A pannel by the GROG.

11.30 AM - 6.30 PM: Rise of Ralios freeform

11.30 AM - 0.30 PM: Imaginary and story building with Pierre Pevel
Talent is essential but not sufficient. Writing is also a lot of work and a good methodology. We'll study together Pierre's career, and talk with him about his creative methods.

0.30 PM - 6.30 PM: Roleplaying games

7 PM: Official closure
It is time to close the gates.

But it's not over...

Charlie Krank unleash hell creatures on his customized BBQ. It is time to roast the Chimera.

...and gaming again, for the braves.

Please make your room available for cleaning Sunday 10 AM